Free software I like & use a lot


mpv is just the perfect video player. In conjunction with youtube-dl it can play a lot of web videos simply like:

mpv ""

I use it in conjunction with Qutebrowser for watching Youtube videos, with my script pop for streaming films via torrents, for watching locally-networkly stored films and tv over sshfs and NFS. It does all the things I want a video player to do and nothing more.

It has a very minimal interface, an abundance of key-bindings, and is extremely configurable.

My mpv configs
About pop


nnn is a terminal file manager. It’s the only file manager I use. It’s light, fast, simple and extensible.



Qutebrowser is a keyboard-centric web browser with vim-like key bindings. It helps make the web tolerable. It uses QtWebEngine which some might object to since it’s based on Chromium, and I am of course sympathetic to that objection.

But it’s designed from the ground up to be keyboard driven and very configurable, and it just works better than trying to shoehorn that behaviour into a normal web browser.

Also the main developer is just lovely and tirelessy helps people and answers their questions.

My Qutebrowser config


Mutt (Neomutt in my case) is the perfect email client. Eventually. By which I mean it takes a lot of setting up. It’s one of those old-ass unixy tools that can do anything. But figuring out how to make it do a particular thing is a lot of work.

It’s perfect if you can be arsed to set it up.

And, as with many such tools, the real value is in configuring it perfectly for you. Don’t use someone else’s config, decide what would be perfect for you and make it do that. Your config will be refined over years as you learn and your needs change, and that’s cool.

My Neomut config. But don’t use this ‒ make your own!


dwm is the closest I can find to a perfect window manager for me. It’s a list-based tiler with master-stack layout and monocle mode, which is all I really want.

My dwm patching guide


I’m writing this in vim (Neovim, specifically) RIGHT NOW. Everyone’s heard of vim. Everyone’s heard people endlessly banging on about how great vim is. They’re right though; it is. If you’ve always intended to give vim a go but never gotten around to it ‒ give it a go! Run vimtutor and get going.



A TUI Gemini browser. It’s really good! Works how I’d want it to work, has cool things like subscriptions and tabs and favicons. For me it’s the best Gemini browser.